Scales Bootcamp

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Scales Bootcamp

Complete the challenges. Master the scale.

Filled with practice challenges

The toughest, most complete scales workout ever created. Insane variety of practice challenges and twists, keeping your scales practice unpredictable, fresh and strangely compelling.

The Bootcamp promise…

Earn all the listed achievements for any scale in the book, and you’ll know that scale permanently…whether you practice it ever again or not(!)

Addictive scales mastery

So that students know their scales as surely as they know the alphabet, their times tables, their birthday. To get them there, the book has been packed with Achievements to earn, giving their scales practice a sense of purpose.

Figure out new scales fast

Clear, graphic layout has finger numbers and patterns leaping from the page—this is a reference that has been designed to get students up and running with their new scale instantly.

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