The Dynamic Studio

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The Dynamic Studio

Rethink everything.

Your studio…version 2.0?

The Dynamic Studio challenges teachers to question everything they’re used to, and to consider the infinity of other ways your studio could be run. What could you change if you could hit “reset”, and build a new studio from the ground up?

Like a kid with a lego box…

You don’t have to keep doing what you’ve been used to all this time: you can knock down, build, extend, reduce, tweak or radically redesign any part of your job. The Dynamic Studio is packed with almost 300 pages of “such as?” to get you started.

Assume nothing

With complete freedom to reinvent every aspect of your teaching, from goal-setting to repertoire and resourcing, scheduling to curriculum and concerts, what might your new job look like? How much of what you currently do would you actually keep? The Dynamic Studio is a grand tour of possibilities to consider.

You get to make the rules

You’re CEO of your teaching studio, which means you can authorize change…what might your studio become if you felt anything was possible? The Dynamic Studio makes the case that anything is possible, and is a grand tour of what teaching could be, if it didn’t have to be the way it is.